Private language and art kindergarten Diuna Kids

In our kindergarten, kids are encouraged to play constructively – the most vital kids’ activity. Thanks to it, kids solve problems connected with their growth, give adults information on how they deal with difficulties.

We wish kids came to us with joy and eagerly participated in creative classes.

The main task of Diuna Kids Kindergarten is providing kids with the best conditions to develop emotionally, physically and intellectually, as well as a safe stay at our place. We would like kids to develop the ability to live harmoniously in a group, make their first friends, learn how to solve conflicts, develop the skills essential for school education in the future and develop their aesthetic sensitivity through creative play.

We can assure you that after crossing the threshold of the kindergarten, your kids will be awaited by patient, caring teachers, great toys and safe cozy interiors. We want to create a place where kids will have the opportunity to develop their personality, expand their knowledge of the world and carelessly play with their peers.

In our kindergarten, kids are reliably prepared for the beginning of adult life. We give them solid emotional support, build their self-esteem and teach them how to solve problems in a creative way. Our kids are sensitive to culture, art and the world around them. We focus on building openness and acceptance. We want our alumni to stand out because of their unconventional, creative thinking and openness to other cultures.

Daily English classes

Science workshops

Small groups

Individual approach to kids and their families

In our kindergarten, the didactic-educational model is based on two pillars:

language education

we teach kids foreign languages through play and exploring different countries

artistic education

we place importance on comprehensive development and education through stimulating all the senses


The tuition fee includes:

  • daily English classes „Funenglish – learn and play”
  • rhythm and music classes „DoReMisie” oraz „GimBajka”
  • science workshops „Laboratorium Malucha”
  • drama classes „Elementarz teatralny”

We also offer ceramic workshops and ballet charged extra.

In our kindergarten, we run the following series of classes:

  • „W świecie zawodów” (“In a world of professions”), thanks to which guests explain and show kids what their jobs are.
  • „Podróże z Diuna Kids” (“Travels with Diuna Kids”), during which every kid receives its passport and flies with the teacher to a particular country. During every class, kids learn about culture, traditions, language and flags of different countries of the world.

In addition, we often invite theaters to our kindergarten.

“Theater is an art discipline that prepares the viewer for intellectual work and, on the other hand, awakens certain characteristics such as curiosity, the ability to analyze, a sense of relativity. It encourages to explore the world, search for explanation attempts, obtain deeper understanding. At the same time, theater shows human’s fate, which is an important humanizing element and a crucial part of education.” (A. Hausbrat).

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